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Tattoo and Body Art Removal from £35.00

Regret a tattoo? Do you want to go back to your bare skin or do you just want to fade your old tattoo to get something trendier? You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds anymore! Laser tattoo removal available.

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How does tattoo removal work?
Laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink particles that are in the skin. Our lasers aim to break up the ink into smaller particles, which are then much more easily removed from the body through the immune system. The body’s immune system will treat the ink as if its a toxin and will push it through the lymphatic and urine system out of the body.
Does it hurt?
The sensation varies but is often described as being a similar sensation to receiving a ‘flick’ from an elastic band.
Can all colours be removed?
No unfortunately not! There are only a few single lasers that can remove all colours. If someone tells you that they can remove all colours, you should either look for two different types of laser, or an additional type of treatment at your chosen tattoo removal provider. Even the best laser on the market struggles with red and pink inks so be aware of potential incorrect information.

Most lasers can break down black colour the easiest, few other colours can be usually removed without the need for a major struggle. The colours that will fade but are unlikely to disappear are green, light blue and purple. We are however always trying to keep up with the latest technology and are looking into bringing the laser which tackles those stubborn colours in the near future.

Can all tattoos be removed?
This depends on skin type and the ink density, not everyone is the same and not all tattoo inks are the same. There are few people with tattoos that are resistant to the treatment.
Why is ||NOT Forever Body Art Removal|| the best option for your treatment?
Our team at “NOT Forever Body Art Removal” are experts in advanced tattoo removal. Our professional technicians aim to make the experience of tattoo removal as comfortable as it can be and we will always be honest and truthful. We also provide the best possible aftercare and ongoing advice once the treatment is over, at ‘Not Forever’ we are with you through the whole journey.
Am I suitable for the treatment?
People with a very dark skin type are not suitable for the treatment.
If your tattoo is freshly done you will need to wait for at least 6 weeks, in order for it to heal, before you can start the removal process.
If you have tanned skin on the treatment area, are pregnant or breast feeding, suffer from HIV or hepatitis or have any active skin conditions in the area then you would not be suitable.

NOT Forever Body Art Removal Cheltenham

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